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Episodes 5 & 6. He is known for his incredible work on Death Race 2 and Curse of the Ring. Sean has extensive experience in the industry, and so he holds Audition Workshops for anyone willing to step up and learn. His accent capabilities are extraordinary!

Julie and Sean met for the first time on the set of Episode 1. They work well as a team, which in turn makes the set and incredible experience for all. There was never a dull moment with either of these two in charge!

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The Lead Actors

The Writer/Creator

The Producers

Kirsty Peacock and Katy Jordan met at Acting Coach Scotland in 2013 and instantly clicked over their love for film and television. They starred in the six minute play Boundless (also written by Katy) together and, after Katy adapted the story, Kirsty insisted something be done with it.

For both of them, Boundless is their first time in the production side of things. With Katy as tthe producer, Kirsty provides support as the Associate producer alongside Andy Kowalczyk, and they love it ... while they yawn and cry and grind their teeth... but they love it!

The Directors

directorial debut The Legend of Barney Thompson and Cleek by Gary J Hewitt. He too responded to a social media ad to land a role on the show. Even though the guys are main characters, they have never worked together on set yet as their characters have never met - but they have!

It was during fliming that they properly met Andy Kowalczyk of Blue Cloth Productions, and they decided to collaborate... and as they say, the rest is history!  The three of them meet regularly to discuss the been done, the still to be done, and the what else lists, and are a rather tight nit trio. Find out about Kirsty at and keep up to date with Andy at

Julie D. Dunn is the director of Episodes 1-3 out of the 6 part series. Julie has done much work in the film industry. She graduated from The Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama (now known as The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) in Cinematography.

Julie has written and directed many films of different length and genres, entering into festivals around the world. She has a passion for pole dancing - and is insanely good at it!

Victor Lockhart (more commonly known as Vic Lock) is the director of Episode 4. After a mishap with directors, he kindly stepped in at the last minute to fill in a gap - and boy, did he do it with style!

Victor is more commonly known for the film The Golden Goblet, which has been entered into multiple festivals.

Sean Higgs is an actor/director from South Africa and he directred

You can  find out more about Katy by visiting her website:

What's all this?

Katy Jordan wrote the outline for Boundless on a weekend trip with her close friend to Ayrshire in the Spring of 2014, and she's always said she never really understood how she came up with the story.

Katy studied acting for one year at Acting Coach Scotland under Mark Westbrook, followed by One-To-One sessions with Catriona Evans.

She's been showing her creativity through writing since she could hold a pen properly, and still has overflowing passion for it.

Katy is a huge supporter of Mental Health Associations (like The Mighty), and Feminism/Women's Rights causes. She also feels strongly about people whom are new to something being given a chance.

So, we already know about Kirsty and Katy, but what about the guys?

Johnpaul McGilvray is known for his work in the Scottissh soap River City. He got a part playing a cop on Boundless after he responded to a Facebook ad. JP is a huge Celtic supporter... keep your comments to yourself (unless you support them too!)

Mark Barrett plays the twisted character, and he is known for Robert Carlisle's

So, you want to get to know us! Great! We're happy to share!

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